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Cost effective group training that offers you the flexibility to fit in with the demands of your business.
How to comply with the Food Information Regulations (FIR) 2014
December 2014 is when the Regulations (FIR) came into force - it's all about having allergen controls in the business and the communication of allergen information to consumers.
We can provide businesses with our popular half day Food Allergen training session, to help you and your staff understand how to comply with the FIR Regulations.

Food Safety Audits/Inspections...

Failure to comply with Food Hygiene Regulations can carry heavy penalties for businesses in the way of prosecution and fines, loss of business and a bad reputation and possibly even imprisonment.

Good hygienic practices as well as effective monitoring/documentation of the food safety management system are fundamental to a 'due diligence' defence; in other words that you can prove that your business is taking all reasonable care in keeping food safe.

Our confidential audits/inspections can help to identify any weaknesses in company practices and procedures, hygiene standards, the food safety management system and HACCP compliance.

Our feedback reports are tailored to your needs - identifying priorities, highlighting responsibilities and providing action points for improvement.

Some of the checks we include:
  • Are all your kitchen staff trained to an appropriate level in Food Safety?
    • Level 2 Food Safety for all food handlers.
    • Level 3 Food Safety/HACCP for supervisors, managers, cooks & chefs.
  • Do you use a Food Safety Management System based on HACCP principles - and is it up to date?
  • Are you following the latest advice to prevent and control e-coli?
  • Do your staff demonstrate good hygienic practices?
  • Is a senior person carrying out regular inspections and checks and are they recorded?
  • Are you confident that you can prove due diligence - should you need to?
  • Any compliance issues following an EHO visit.

If you would like us to visit your premises and carry out an inspection, we will provide you with advice and support to meet best practice guidelines.

An in-house inspection carried out prior to training your team can greatly enhance the value of the training, as the course can be tailored specifically to your business practices and procedures and drive home the core standards expected. This gives those in charge that extra confidence in knowing that all the team have been given the same message.

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